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Sell Your PC Today! Get Competitive Prices for Your Used Builds, Graphics Cards & CPUs

Looking to upgrade your entire PC or just need to offload some used components? We've got you covered! We offer top dollar based on current market value for:

    • Full PC builds: Looking to sell your entire rig? Bring it in for a comprehensive evaluation!
    • Popular graphics cards: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super and newer models
    • Modern CPUs: Intel 9th Gen and newer, AMD Ryzen 5000 series and newer

We also consider other components depending on:

    • Quality: Is it in good working condition and free of any damage?
    • Age: Recent models generally hold better value.

How it Works:

  1. Bring your PC or components to our store. Our friendly staff will assist you.
  2. Full PC evaluation: We thoroughly assess your entire system, considering its components, overall condition, and current market value.
  3. Individual component evaluation: For separate components, we follow the same process as outlined above.
  4. Transparent offer: We'll explain our evaluation and provide a clear, final offer.
  5. Accept the offer and get paid: If you agree, we'll process your payment through Zelle or Venmo within 48 hours.

            Why Choose Us?

              • Expert evaluation: Our team has extensive experience in valuing both entire systems and individual components.
              • Comprehensive assessment: We don't just look at specs, we consider overall condition and market trends.
              • Fair & competitive prices: Get the best value for your used PC hardware.
              • Transparency & Trust: We clearly explain our evaluation process and keep you informed.
              • Fast & Convenient: Sell your PC or components quickly and easily without the hassle of online listings.
              • Secure payments: Get your money instantly through trusted payment platforms.

            Ready to Sell?

            Visit us today! For more information on our store location and hours, visit: here.

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