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Our FREE Recycling service provides the perfect solution for responsible disposal of your computer hardware. All recycling is absolutely free and ensures proper and ethical recycling of your hardware. Bring in your old tech today!

Pickup available at 4553 W Kennedy Blvd

Usually ready in 5+ days

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When should you recycle your computer hardware?

Don't simply discard your old components; they can be valuable for other systems and some contain hazardous materials that should not end up in landfills. Opt for an environmentally responsible approach by bringing your outdated electronics to our recycling center. We are committed to ecologically sound disposal methods. Here are scenarios when you can part with your items:

  1. Non-functional Monitor: If your monitor has stopped working.
  2. Laptop Battery Issues: When your laptop battery no longer charges or holds power.
  3. Outdated Peripherals: If your peripherals need an upgrade due to being outdated.
  4. Getting a New Computer: When you're upgrading to a new system entirely.
  5. Mouse Upgrade: If you're transitioning from an older ball mouse to a new laser mouse.
  6. Monitor Upgrade: When you're moving from a CRT monitor to a modern LCD or LED one.

By taking these steps, you contribute to a cleaner planet. Your hidden treasures in the attic or storage unit might not only earn you extra cash but also make a positive environmental impact. Join us in recycling today!