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Say Goodbye to Cable Clutter: New Motherboards with Integrated Backplates!

Say Goodbye to Cable Clutter: New Motherboards with Integrated Backplates!

Get ready for a revolution in PC building! Major manufacturers like ASUS are releasing a new generation of motherboards that boast a stunning design innovation: integrated backplates. These beauties, like the ASUS Z790-BTF WiFi, completely transform how you manage your PC's cables.

Previously, cables snaked across the motherboard, making it difficult to achieve a clean, polished look. This also restricted airflow within the case, potentially impacting your system's performance.

With integrated backplates, however, all your cables are routed behind the motherboard, hidden from view. This creates a stunningly sleek aesthetic, perfect for those who love a minimalist look in their PC builds. But the benefits go beyond looks! Improved airflow thanks to better cable management can lead to lower temperatures and potentially even a performance boost.

It's important to note that this exciting technology isn't a universal fit. To take advantage of an integrated backplate, you'll need a compatible case. These cases are specially designed with cutouts that provide access to the backplate's connection points. Additionally, some backplates may not be compatible with certain graphics cards, particularly bulkier triple-fan models.

Here at PCG, we're staying ahead of the curve. We're stocking a great selection of these innovative motherboards, along with compatible cases and graphics cards. Our expert staff can help you design and build a stunning, high-performance PC that takes advantage of this exciting new technology.

Ready to ditch the cable clutter and build a PC that looks as good as it performs? Stop by PCG today and let's chat about integrated backplate motherboards!

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