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When you’re looking for a new computer and need to shop for a laptop, Performance Computer Group can help! We have a large inventory of laptop computers from the average Facebook and email user to the heavy gamer that needs extraordinary video capabilities. We want to give you a personal computer-buying experience that takes away some of the heavy corporate sales strategies that you might find elsewhere.

When is it time to shop for a laptop?

There are a few reasons you might want to invest in a new laptop. I’ve listed a few below.

  • My laptop is so old! I need a new computer.
  • You’re going to hand down your current laptop to a family member and need to replace it.
  • You’ve lost or damaged your current laptop and need a new one.
  • I want to switch to a Windows/Mac laptop.
  • I need to buy a separate laptop for my work projects to travel with me.

Whatever the reason you are looking to buy a new laptop, our experienced sales staff will know exactly what you need and keep you within whatever budget you have. Take a look at our showroom and pick out a new or refurbished laptop. Our refurbished laptops undergo an intensive battery of tests and upgrades to make sure that you won’t have any issues after your purchase. If you are still not sure about whether or not you want to purchase a refurbished computer, remember that Performance Computer Group offers you a 90 day guarantee on labor and 30 days on parts. We will fix it or replace it!

Please come in to take a look at our current laptop inventory and check out our featured sale items.

Call us at today at (813) 639-0211 or send us a message!