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There are people that use computers and then there are gamers. What sets the two groups apart is that a gamer needs a computer with incredibly high specifications in order to play the latest titles in PC games.

By 2025, the PC gaming sector alone will accumulate $46.7 billion. (Statista)

What to consider in a Gaming Computer

  • RAM Requirements – In 2022, the average minimum RAM requirements to play the latest video game titles is 16GB, while the recommended RAM is usually twice that amount.
  • Hard Disk Storage – There are many video games in 2022 that occupy more than 100GB of storage space due to the higher resolution graphics textures and programming.
  • FAST Hard Disks – The older SATA hard drives are nowhere near as fast as solid state technologies (SSD). Simply switching to an SSD can make a world of difference that decreases load times.
  • CPU Speed – Most games now require at least an Intel i5 dual core CPU. A good gaming computer will have nothing less.
  • Monitor size and refresh rate – When you’re playing games, your monitor’s refresh rate could affect whether or not gameplay is smooth and seamless or choppy.
  • Video Card(s) – This is the main component in any gaming computer. The new GeForce RTX 40 series was launched in 2022 and has compatibility with games with NVIDIA DLSS 3.0 architecture.

Performance Computer Group specializes in building custom gaming computers and can create a masterpiece of technology that will provide you with countless hours of gaming entertainment.

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