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At Performance Computer Group, we have a steady supply of the most common computer parts and peripherals that you might need to purchase. Our stockroom is filled with tons of motherboards, memory, CPUs, hard drives, video cards, and many other things to build a new computer or upgrade what you have.

Why do you need Computer Parts?

There are so many applications for what we have in stock. Here are some of the most common reasons why people need to purchase computer parts.

  • People that do a lot of gaming might need to upgrade their video card.
  • Hard disks that become corrupted due to age or impact might need to be replaced.
  • Is your computer running slowly? Adding more memory or purchasing a Solid State Drive could help.
  • Are you building your own computer? Buy parts from us at a great price.
  • Did your mouse or keyboard stop working? You can replace those here as well.
  • Need some more storage space? You can purchase a new hard drive or attach an external drive via USB?

We have been building a relationship with local and international computer parts distributors for many years, which is why we can usually get you some decent prices them. More than that, we strive on providing you with a personal experience that sets us apart from those big chains. Our solutions for solving those technological problems are custom tailored for your benefit, since we would like to build a relationship with you, too.

Call us at today at (813) 639-0211 or send us a message!