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Is it time to sell your PC? Performance Computer Group is there to offer you the most money on your trade-in, according to the current market value. The great thing about PCs is that you can usually spend a small amount of money for a replacement computer or even mix and match components according to your budget.

Why should you sell your PC?

  • Your PC is getting old and it’s time for a new one because it is just too slow.
  • You want to play a new video game and my current PC doesn’t meet the system requirements. Maybe you need a custom gaming computer.
  • Your work is providing me with a computer that you can use for personal and work, so you don’t need this extra PC.
  • Your old PC is broken and you want to get some money for the parts.
  • You want to stop computing for awhile and go off the grid. Maybe you want to live as a monk.

Whatever your reason is to sell your PC, the expert salespeople and technicians can appraise your old computer and make sure that you get the most money on a trade. We can also help you select an upgraded replacement computer with the system specification that suit your computing needs.

Call us at today at (813) 639-0211 or send us a message!