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If you are a business owner, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your employees can print to the network printer. Those types of problems might be a distraction of the big picture you have for your company…to make money!

At Performance Computer Group, our business IT support service is geared to smooth out those technological wrinkles and make it easy for you and your employees to focus on their tasks. Our technicians are expertly trained and typically have over 10 years of experience in IT. The main focus of business IT support is to insure that your workspace has a few of these critical points of operations in play.

Business IT Support Checklist

  • We will make sure your computers have the latest operating system.
  • Sufficient anti-virus and firewall solutions will be checked and updated by our technicians.
  • Consistent access to the internet and email is verified and any interruptions are investigated.
  • Business software suites like Microsoft Office applications are installed if needed.
  • Mail or database servers can be built and setup to provide you with an in-house email solution.

Our business IT support is a relationship between our company and yours that keeps us just a phone call away for anything you might need.  If you want to keep your working environment in tip top shape, please ask us about our maintenance contracts. We will schedule a periodic appointment to check all facets of your electronic environment.

Call us at today at (813) 639-0211 or send us a message!