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Mac repair – do you need it? Have you ever wanted to rage quit whatever you were doing because of that wonderful spinning beach ball? That ball has caused many a Mac user to want to send their laptop to a fiery death more than once. At Performance Computer Group, we have years of experience in Mac repair. We will be able to easily diagnose and repair any problem you might be having.

Common issues that require our Mac Repair services

  • Your Mac won’t turn on.
  • Your Mac will turn on, but won’t start up.
  • You turned on your Mac, but you just get a screen with a flashing question mark.
  • Turning on your Mac shows a blue or grey screen at startup.
  • Can’t shut down your Mac?
  • Is your Mac frozen?
  • Your Mac runs really slow.
  • Your Mac cannot connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • When you try to charge your Mac, it won’t charge or battery depletes too quickly.
  • Your Mac keeps showing the spinning beach ball (ugh!)

These are just some of the reasons why you might need to bring in your Mac computer for an expert Mac repair technician to take a look. There might be some component that needs to be replaced or some piece of software that is causing your issues.

Mac Repair and the Virus Myth

You may have heard someone say, “I use Macs because they can’t get viruses.” This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Mac computers are not really any safer from viruses, and it is actually quite the opposite. The number of virus reports coming from Mac computers is little to none because anti-virus software is not used very frequently due to the perpetuation of this myth and the idea that “Mac OS X is a secure OS, so why would I need anti-virus software?” If there’s no anti-virus software that can detect and report the virus, then it appears as if it is more secure from the sheer number of reported infections.

If you need something customized on your Mac computer, we also offer some nice custom built laptops or something else you might need. Call us at (813) 639-0211 of just stop by and bring in your Mac computer.