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As you’re getting ready for the 2017 Fall semester, you may want to make sure your MacBook is in tip top shape. At Performance Computer Group, we don’t want you to have to spend a ton of money either, so we are making you aware of some cost-effective ideas to keep your tech happy.  Talk to one of our mac repair specialists today.

Mac repair doesn’t have to be expensive

At Performance Computer Group, we specialize in making sure we give you a unique experience that outshines some of the other “squads” out there. Not only are our prices more affordable, but our turnaround time for repair work gets you back up and running. Others will leave your computer sitting on a shelf while they have a coffee break. Your time and money are both important to us, so we don’t want you to waste either.

Component-level Mac repair specialists

Our technicians are all in-house. If you have a problem with your laptop that requires some special work on your motherboard, screen, or any other component, we will order the parts and do the work for you that needs to be done. Others will ship your computer off so that a 2nd level technician might repair those components. You will have to wait for both the shipping from and to the store in those cases. Our staff is so versatile and clever that we can have your computer fixed and ready to go in time for that term paper or lab project.

Need Windows on your Mac?

As a Mac user, there may be times when you need Windows OS. Maybe you want to run some games that are only made for Windows or some special software for a class you’re taking. We offer a special customization service to install Boot Camp on your Mac laptop, which allows you the ability to boot into OSX or Windows.

[coupon couponid=”422″ name=”Additional 10% Value on laptop trade-in”]

If you’re reading this article, then you qualify for our special trade-in credit increase stated above. Simply let us know that you saw this article somewhere and you will get 10% more if you trade in your old laptop. Whether it is Mac or PC, or whether it is working or not, we will appraise it and add on 10% to our appraisal. Most Mac laptops have a trade-in value of $300-$700. We will give you $30-$70 extra credit when you buy one of our refurbished and guaranteed laptops.

Take a look at our refurbished laptop inventory

Our South Tampa store is conveniently located on South Dale Mabry just a mile or two from I-275. Contact us today to get the best deals on parts and service or call us with any questions you might have.