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Computer security is always something to be concerned about. At Performance Computer Group, we are constantly keeping up on the latest flaws in computer security across all types of devices. First of all, it doesn’t matter if you are a Mac or PC user. It also doesn’t matter if you limit your interactions on the internet to mobile devices. Everyone to some degree is vulnerable to attack by what seem to be an increasing number of threats. We want to make sure you have the best equipment for your uses and that your data is kept safe from these threats.

Computer security flaw uncovered and Performance Computer Group is here to help

What new computer security threats are happening now?

Most of the time you might hear about the latest virus running rampant among computers. Most of these are users of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The market share of these two operating systems is greatly unbalanced, so Mac users are a little less exposed. A whopping 88% of desktop computer users are on the Windows platform. So naturally, an attacker wants to affect as many targets as possible, making Windows is the easy choice. If you watch the video above, you will hear about a new hardware-related threat that affects devices using a specific chipset. Therefore this means that Windows, Mac, and even some everyday devices have the chance to expose sensitive data.

What can I do to beef up my computer security?

The specialists at Performance Computer Group have been learning for years about hardware and software issues. This type of problem seems to crop up quite frequently for customers that need to repair their computer. Making sure you have the right antivirus program installed can lower the risks substantially. Keeping your antivirus updated will be more effective if you run periodic scans of your computer. Consequently, you must use caution if you happen to have an old version of what is called a “virus definition” file. You run the risk of losing valuable time and data if a new virus is not detected.

Bring your computer into our South Tampa store today for a checkup. You don’t have to be a victim of these types of computer security issues. We offer discounts on new and used hardware all the time. Finally, an upgrade today could save you money in the long run.