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Tired of all the times you’ve dropped your phone and you just keep adding cracks to your cell phone screen? Sure, you could just put on a screen protector over those cracks, but why not get your entire screen replaced? PCG now offers cell phone repair at their South Tampa location. A cell phone repair expert technician has years of experience in taking apart almost any brand of cell phone and repairing any damages.

Common cell phone repair problems

You might be extremely careful with your phone to avoid a lot of the damages due to sheer clumsiness. There are, however, some problems that happen from simple wear and tear of your cell phone

  • Loose or non-working charge port. You have plugged and unplugged your cell phone so frequently, that the cell phone charge port no longer charges the phone. Even after you’ve tried every position of the cord, you still don’t see that little lightning bolt.
  • Battery dies too quickly. There’s actually a proper way to charge your phone, but it doesn’t involve leaving your phone plugged in at all times. Constantly charging your phone (even when it has a full charge) actually lessens the lifespan of your cell phone’s battery.
  • The cracked screen. The most dreaded and probably most common problem for cell phone repair. Can’t see the screen now that you’ve dropped it too many times? Maybe you have a permanent purple bar that now covers up your keypad after the last fall. Replace your screen!

The folks at PCG in South Tampa now have an onsite technician that can repair your cell phone while you wait (in most cases). You can call them at (813) 639-0211 to ask a question about the cell phone repair services. Alternately, you can visit our new website that is dedicated to cell phone repair.