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You never know when you’ll need data recovery services. Why not be proactive about it and upgrade to a faster SSD when your old conventional HDD becomes corrupted. At Performance Computer Group, we want you to have the latest technology inside your computer to insure that you have the best computing experience possible. There are a few things that you should know about SSD (Solid State Drive) technology and why you should switch today.

Solid State Drives are super fast!

Solid State Drives are built with no moving parts. They are essentially a bunch of computer chips that store data. Conventional hard drives consist of magnetic platters that spin and disk access times have to include the time to spin up to full speed. What this means is that the chance for impact damage or damage cause by vibration is almost eliminated entirely. In this tech talk from the New York Times, Intel claims their SSD is 8 times faster than an HDD.

Listen to Intel’s SSD claims in this New York Times talk.

The need for Data Recovery services reduced? Not really, but wait.

There are people reviewing and testing SSD technology as it continues to develop. At one time, there was a popular myth going around that SSD lifespans were extremely short, but it remains just that, a myth. You can read this 2014 article from PC World that squashed that myth years ago. Although the disk failure rate is reduced with SSDs, the drives are more likely to lose data. As a result of using an SSD over a long period of time, you will also see that your data is just as safe. However, the need to back up your data regularly is still a suggested best practice.

Keep up with the other PC gamers…

If you’re playing the latest PC game titles, they are asking for an ever-increasing amount of data storage. A difference of a second or two could cost you one of your digital lives when you’re in a skirmish in a 5 on 5 PVP tournament. Your customized gaming computer should include a Solid State Drive. In addition to speed in gaming, you will see an overall performance boost in almost every aspect.

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We want to make sure that your computing needs utilize the latest and most reliable technology. If you are paying us for data recovery services, why not speed up your computer at the same time? If you stop by our South Tampa store and purchase a new SDD from us, we will transfer your data for FREE. Please feel free to call us at 813-549-7000 and ask about our other in-store specials and don’t forget to mention how you found Performance Computer Group.